Tightening system

AUTOVIT screwdrivers provide easy and continuous supply of screws to tighten and simplify the operator's work, since he has not to take each screw by hand and to put it on the blade of the tool or on the workpiece. Use of the articulated arm allows to maintain a perfect alignment and eliminate the weight of the tool, that makes the operator's work easier and faster.
The power supply provides the screw to the screwdriver thanks to an alignment vibration system and to a selector which ensures the loading of a screw at each machine cycle.
A pulse of compressed air leads the screw to the head of the tool. Thanks to a special sensor on the guides, when they are full, the vibration is automatically stopped. This reduces energy consumption, wear of the cup and the system noise. Operation restart when the sensor detects the absence of screws in the guides.

Model No-load speed ( Rpm) Torque (Nm) Stroke Screw size Head coupling
    ø testa ø gambo lunghezza
AUTOVIT   44EL 1000 2 47 4-10 2,5-5 <27 M14x1 - M18x1,5
AUTOVIT   66-EL 600 3,5 47 4-10 2,5-5 <27 M14x1 - M18x1,5
AUTOVIT 2FL-EL 1000 3,6 57 4-10 2,5-5 <45 M14x1 - M18x1,5
AUTOVIT 4FL-EL 400 11,5 57 4-10 2,5-5 <45 M14x1 - M18x1,5
AUTOVIT 2GC-EL 2300 3,5 40 5-10 4-5 <25 M18x1,5
AUTOVIT 2GL-EL 2300 3,5 56 4-10 2,5-5 <45 M14x1 - M18x1,5
AUTOVIT 3GL-EL 950 6,3 56 4-10 2,5-5 <45 M14x1 - M18x1,5

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carrello maschiatrice

Trolley for tap machines with a shelve with spinners.
Size: 850x750x870h
Weight: 65Kg