Integrated drilling and tapping units DRILLTRONIC

DRILLTRONIC is the only integrated drilling and tapping units equipped with an innovative system developed with an articulated arm to give maximum working flexibility.
The structure is designed with a technology that can provide smooth and quick placements, ensuring rigidity and precision during machining operations.
With the new control system VAPS (Volumec ® Assisted Positioning System) with a touch-screen operator interface, easy and intuitive, you can perform drilling and tapping, to set quotas, without the need of manually tracking used with traditional drills..

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Model Motor type Voltage Speed rotation Drilling capacity with Twist drill Drilling capacity with cutter Tapping capacity on steel Mechanical speed change Course of advancement Vertical course
    (volt) (rpm) (mm) (mm)       (mm)
DT131000 Brushless 200 - 255 V 50/60 Hz 100-1000 Ø 3 - Ø 13 Ø 20 M3 - M12 / 135 500
DTS161250 Brushless 200 - 255 V 50/60 Hz 30-1250 Ø 3 - Ø 16 (Ø 20 All.) Ø 30 M3 - M20 1 135 500
DT134500 Brushless 200 - 255 V 50/60 Hz 125-4500 Ø 3 - Ø 10 Ø 15 M3 - M8 1 135 500
Working area:
area di lavoro drilltronic

banco da lavoro banco da lavoro
  BDL1810                         BDL128


Workbench optimized for supporting DRILLTRONIC, with 30mm base and an internal vain to store tools.
Available with rough plan or with T-slots plan designed for the recovery of refrigerant..

Code BDL1810 BDL128 BDG1810 BDG128
Height adjustable stand (mm) 750/850 750/850 750/850 750/850
Plan Type Worked with T-slots Worked with T-slots Rough Rough
Refrigerant Recovery Preparation Yes Yes No No
650 360 650 360

Volumec ® Assisted Positioning System
VAPS system (Volumec ® Assisted Positioning System):

Rapid identification of the position of the workpiece (search zeros).
Intuitive programming of drilling on several points.
Planning and saving of drilling cycles.
Programs execution with assisted positioning of the tool on the work plan.
Auto and manual change of drilling speed.
Electro-pneumatic locking position is reached with decimal precision.
Drilling programming is also possible with teach-mode.
Automatic lubrification system
Automatic lubrification system

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Laser Pointing System
carrello maschiatrice
Refrigeration Plant
carrello maschiatrice
Bush for tapping with adjustable clutch

Tool holders for tap machine model M3 to M30 with and without friction, compasses, magnet positioning.
carrello maschiatrice

Precision modular vises opening 100 to 500mm.